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Motocross Spoke Nipples

06/17/ 2013 Anodized Spoke Nipples! I’ve finally figured out an efficient way to anodize stock spoke nipples for most modern motocross bikes.  For years your only option for anodized nipples was to buy a spoke kit from a company that made their own spokes with a special thread and pitch that won’t fit  anything except THEIR spokes/nipples.  So you were forced to buy a $100+ spoke kit then add $40 per set for anodized nipples.  We’ve always specialized in small scale anodizing at Villain Ride Company so this is the perfect way to finish of a truly custom set of wheels.   I can’t go into details of HOW I attach and wire up 72 spoke nipples individually in the anodizing tank, but I can say it’s a bit tedious but well worth it!!  Pricing starts at $40 per wheel (28-36 spoke) or $80 for the set of 2.  Colours currently available are Red Bordeaux, Green, Black, Gold, Fast Blue, Dark Bronze, Dark Purple.  More colours will be added to the line up as customer demands increase and custom colours can be mixed to bring a unique one of a kind accent toMotocross Anodized Nipples your wheelsets.


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